Research Corner: 6/24/2016


Three more papers worth reading:

  • The Changing Face of the Supreme Court by A.E. Dick Howard (University of Virginia School of Law)

    Note: A very nice descriptive look at the evolution of the Court along multiple dimensions since the Warren Court years.

  • Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Do Justices Tip Their Hands with Questions at Oral Argument in the U.S. Supreme Court? by Timothy R. Johnson (University of Minnesota),  Ryan C. Black (Michigan State University – Department of Political Science), Jerry Goldman, and Sarah Treul                                                                                                                                                       Note: One of the earlier empirical pieces to examine how the Justices questioning at oral arguments correlates with their votes on the merits.
  • The Political Ideologies of American Lawyers by Adam Bonica (Stanford University Department of Political Science), Adam S. Chilton (University of Chicago – Law School), and Maya Sen (Harvard University – Harvard Kennedy School (HKS))
    Note: While the ideology of judges is a common topic for empirical study this is one of the few pieces to look at the ideology of lawyers based on campaign contribution data.

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