April 8 Week in Review

This week started out with a new post on the schools and lower court clerkships that will most likely land a former law student a Supreme Court clerkship. The post can be found here.

Next up was a look at the cases decided so far this term and the justices who authored each opinion.

Justices Sotomayor and Thomas authored the most opinions so far this term. Thomas’ breakdown is one majority opinion, three concurrences, and four dissents. Justice Sotomayor’s breakdown is two majority opinions, three concurrences, and three dissents.

Next was a look at the justices’ participation in the shadow docket.

Justice Sotomayor wrote the most on the shadow docket this term with 57 pages in 12 opinions, followed by Justice Alito with 31 pages in five opinions, and Justice Gorsuch with 29 pages in four opinions.

The last piece was a look at attorney participation in oral arguments so far this term.

This list will be updated after the Court’s April sitting is complete. The repeat player chart for arguments this week looks as follows:

Three attorneys had three arguments so far this term — Paul Clement of Kirkland and Ellis, Judd Stone who is Texas’ Solicitor General, and Eric Feigin from the OSG.

Look out for more insights in the weeks to come.

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