SCOTUSBlog Interim Stat Pack April 2020

The Interim Stat Pack is now up on SCOTUSBlog’s website. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The last time the Supreme Court closed its doors to the public due to an epidemic was during the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918.
  • Through March of this term, the court has decided fewer cases by signed opinion than it has since at least before the Spanish flu closed the court’s doors in 1918.
  • Cases already argued may be decided in the coming weeks. We still aren’t sure when other cases will be argued and if/when they will be decided.
  • In decisions already rendered, all justices have written opinions except Chief Justice John Roberts.
  • Ginsburg and Thomas have authored the most total opinions, with seven apiece. Ginsburg and Alito have written the most majority opinions, with three each, and Ginsburg has written more dissents than any other justice, with three. Thomas leads the concurrence count, authoring four.
  • In all three cases decided by 5-4 votesthe five more conservative justices were in the majority and the four more liberal justices were in dissent.
  • Roberts is the only justice who has agreed with the majority at the strictest level ( in all the cases that the court has decided this term.
  • Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh have the highest level of full agreement this term, at 95 percent.

Read more and take a look at all of the statistics at this link

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