Ketanji Brown Jackson Decision Dataset

President Biden has a major decision to make with who to nominate to fill Justice Breyer’s seat on the Supreme Court. One of the top contenders for the nomination is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson from the D.C. Circuit. Judge Jackson worked as an attorney in private practice, an assistant special counsel to the United States Sentencing Commission, and as a public defender. Judge Jackson also clerked for Justice Breyer, was a district court judge for the District of Columbia, and is now an appeals judge on the D.C. Circuit. Suffice it to say, she is a formidable candidate. The following dataset contains information about over 500 decisions in cases assigned to her or on motions from her time as a district court judge. There are links to each decision as the data were culled from publicly available resources on CourtListener, Google Scholar, and GovInfo. The dataset is also coded for several variables including case name, decision date, case number or citation, the type of plaintiff and defendant, important quotes from cases that help summarize the decisions, case area, and the sequence of decisions if there are several decisions from the same case. There is a separate tab for the short time that Judge Jackson has sat on the D.C. Circuit.

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